Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes Applications

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes Picture

Thoriated tungsten electrodes are generally used for DC electrode negative or straight polarity applications such as carbon & stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium, as they operate well even when overload with extra amperage, and then improve the performance of welding.

The most common type of electrode used on carbon and stainless steel.The higher thoria content in 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes cause the operating characteristic improvements to be more pronounced than in the lower thoria content 1% thoriated tungsten electrodes. To use Thoriated tungsten electrodes for alternating current welding, balling of the end can be accomplished by briefly, and carefully, welding with direct current electrode positive prior to welding with alternating current. During alternating current welding, the balled end does not melt and so emission is not as good as from a liquid ball on a EWP electrode.

Thoriated tungsten electrodes are used in DC welding, and pure tungsten electrodes are used in AC welding. During welding, staff should pay attention to following the instructions of using thoriated tungsten electrodes.