Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes WT20

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes Picture

Different content based on the ratio of thorium oxide in the electrode,thoriated tungsten electrodes in different trademark. WT20 thorium tungsten electrode, the content of which is 2% thorium oxide electrode specifications for Ø2.4 mm X150 mm.

Thorium tungsten electrode than pure tungsten electrode current carrying capacity stronger, can be higher by about 20 percent, and its low work function, can effectively reduce the weld contamination. Thorium tungsten electrode also comes with easy arc starting characteristics, compared to pure tungsten or zirconium, tungsten alloy electrode, which appear to be more stable arc.

Thorium tungsten electrode is the present domestic and foreign market share highest welding electrode, thorium oxide content is 2% (WT20) of the thoriated tungsten electrodes are usually better than the thorium tungsten electrode performance of other content.